Application Requirements

Yes, you may. You must follow the application periods and requirements of the two admission channels. However, the applicant must choose to enroll in one programme only if he/she receives more than one admission offer.
Unsuccessful PRA applicants can apply for the Admission Examination during the scheduled application period. Applicants can refer to website at for application schedule.

There is not, except for the programme of “Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Sciences” – that applicants must have studied Chemistry and Biology during senior secondary school study.

You can choose to apply either by the Admission Examination or Direct Admission with the results of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination.

You can apply by Direct Admission with HKDSE results as below:

Examination Result
English Language (core subject)
Level 3
Chinese Language (core subject)
Level 3
Mathematics (core subject)
Level 2
Liberal Studies (core subject)
Level 2
Elective Subject
Level 3 in one subject
Yes, you need to submit the application in April together with proof of your HKDSE application (e.g. the exam permit). You should also submit your HKDSE results once they are released.
Yes, you can. An applicant being a current Form 6 student and holds a valid Macao I.D. card can submit on-line application during the application period of the Admission Examination. Applicants may also visit the Registry’s website for Examination Syllabuses and Past Papers for reference.
No. Applicants need to hold a valid Macao I.D. card while both permanent and non-permanent card holders are acceptable.

Application Process

Application period
Paper/On-line application
Admission Examination
03 – 18 Jan 2019
On-line application
Exemption from taking Admission Examination subjects
11 Dec 2018 – 11 Jan 2019
Download and fill in the paper application form and submit it to Registry
Preferential Admission Scheme
03 Jan – 01 Feb 2019
On-line application

Applicants need to fill in an application form first which can be downloaded on Registry’s website. Then submit the completed form together with certified true copies of academic transcripts showing that he/she did not study basic education in Chinese Language and Literature for the last three years of studies of secondary education to the Registry office during 11/12/2018 – 11/01/2019. After receiving email notification of confirmation on exemption, applicants can complete the application procedures for on-line application.

Applicants need to fill in an application form first which can be downloaded from the Registry’s website. Then submit the completed form together with certified true copies of TOEFL or IELTS results to the Registry office during 11/12/2018 – 11/01/2019. After receiving email notification of confirmation on exemption, applicants can complete the application procedures for on-line application.
No, we will only accept on-line application except for exemption from taking Admission Examination subjects. The On-line Application System will be available on Registry’s website during the application period.
A notification email with your login number and password will be sent to your registered email account and an SMS message will also be sent to your mobile phone after you have successfully registered as a new user. You can always refer either the email or SMS message to login the system.
Applications via Admission Examination channel will be allowed to apply for a maximum of 3 choices of programme, while applications via Direct Admission channel can apply for a maximum of 2 choices of programme. Each applicant can submit one application only in different application channels.
You only need to upload your Macao I.D. card copy and your most updated transcript to the On-line Application System.
Applicants have the responsibility to report changes of personal contact information such as telephone number or address and these can be updated through the On-line Application System.
An application number (AP-B9-XXXX-X) will be automatically generated once you have completed your application successfully. The notification SMS message and email will be sent to your registered email account and mobile number.

Admission Examination applicants can revise any information as well as programme choice whether or not you have submitted your application or paid the application fee. However, no further revision or change of programme choice can be made after 23:59 on the date of the application deadline.

Direct Admission applicants cannot revise any information as well as programme choice after the settlement of application fee.

No, you just need to upload all the required documents according to the instructions on the On-line Application System. Certified true copies of the documents will be requested for verification only if you are offered admission at the University.
Applicants should always check Registry’s website at for updated admission information.

Offer Process

Candidates’ Admission Examination results, admission quotas of each programme and the sequences of programme choices are offer criteria.
No, the candidates’ Admission Examination results, admission quotas of each programme and the sequences of programme choices are offer criteria.
Admission selection will be based on the academic documents submitted, admission quotas of each programme as well as the interview performance (whereas applicable).
Interview candidates of “Direct Admission” should prepare the interview to be conducted in accordance with the language of instruction for their applied programme; however, the final decision will be made by the selection panels of the programme concerned.
Joint Admission Examination and UM Admission Examination results will be announced via On-line Application System on the first week of May; offer results will be announced at the end of May.
Offer results for Direct Admission will be released via the On-line Application System on or before mid-June.
No. Each undergraduate student can have only one approved transfer of programme during his/her undergraduate study at UM. All applications must be approved by the academic units concerned and students can start to study the programme they have transferred to in the following semester.
You should refer to the procedures as listed on the offer letter for confirming your acceptance. That is to submit the ‘Statement of Acceptance’ and to settle the advance payment before a prescribed date. If you fail to complete the required admission procedures, you will be disqualified for admission.
Applicants may apply for a testimonial of qualified graduation from your own secondary school and submit it to the Registry before the prescribed date.  Once the official transcript and certificate are ready; applicant should submit them to Registry as soon as possible.
The Registry will inform the candidate by email, within 5 working days after the deadline for result rechecking applications, of the Chief Examiner’s decision in each case.
Should there be a second phase application for rejected Admission Examination candidates in the first phase, further information will be notified by email and SMS message accordingly in late May.
Applicants may only need to choose from choices of programme available for second phase application while applicants’ scores must reach the listed scores of required subjects as well as total scores.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

The University offers scholarships to Admission Examination candidates with outstanding performance in Admission Examination. For more details, please visit  Applicants do not need to apply for this kind of scholarship; the University will notify scholarship recipients by phone individually upon release of the Admission Examination results.
Students entering the second year of studies in their bachelor programme can apply for scholarship based on their academic performance in the first year. For more information on the awards and scholarships available for UM students, kindly refer to Student Affairs Office at
There is no financial subsidy provided for our students. However, the Macao SAR Education & Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) offers loans and scholarships for local students. Students should contact them directly for details.
There is no tuition fee reduction for students, but students can apply for paying their tuition fee by installments. Students with financial difficulties may refer to Student Affairs Office at for details.

Registration Process

You must submit a completed medical examination report as to complete registration process in mid July. More details will be sent to students via SMS message and email notification.
Students should go to the Macao SAR Health Centre of your community to reissue the ‘individual vaccination booklet’.
As students will need to pay their tuition fees for each semester according to the number of credits to be taken in the new academic year, all new students will settle their first semester tuition fees after the Course Add/Drop Period in around September. Students can refer to the Student Information (SI) Web Services for details.
If the applicant is not qualified for admission when he/she fails to meet the University’s entrance requirements of the programmes applied, he/she may apply for refund of advance payment. However, applicants should submit their request for refund together with supporting documents to the Registry within the prescribed period for refund of non-refundable deposit.
Tuition fees per year are payable in two installments. Students can access to the Student Information (SI) Web Services to download the debit note and settle the payment within the prescribed period.

UM Campus

The UM campus covers approximately 1 km2, with a building area of 800,000 m2, about 20 times larger than the old campus.
No. The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China has authorized Macao SAR to exercise jurisdiction over the current campus, which means that students can travel to and from the current campus through an underwater tunnel without going through immigration clearance.
In order to achieve the whole-person education for our students, UM has fully implemented the Residential College. In 2014/2015 academic year, 8 Residential Colleges have been put into operation. The new campus will have a library with a capacity for one million books and a scientific research based with two state-key laboratories. It will provide convenience and living needs via a central business zone, which will include banks, supermarkets, restaurants, post office, small bookshops and pharmacies. Students can also enrich their university life in the large-scale sports facilities such as a multi-purpose indoor sports complex, an indoor swimming venue, an outdoor Olympic stadium and an outdoor multi-purpose court.
All Year 1 students will be required to live in the RC in the first academic year. For 2018/2019, RC fees are set at MOP14,500 per academic year for local students and MOP23,700 for non-locals. The fee will include fifteen meals per week, activities, overseas exchange (applicants who meet certain requirements), water and electricity subsidies etc.
RC will have its own facilities including dormitories, dining halls, study rooms, small libraries, computer and recreational amenities. Being guided by the College Heads and other teachers, students and teachers of different backgrounds will live and learn in the RCs. Through peer encouragement and cooperation, students will be expected to acquire self-discipline, develop the ability to act independently, and realize whole-person development.
Students can choose to take the public transportation (bus route: 71, 72 or 73) and public car parks are provided to private cars or motorcycles.  Information of the bus route may refer to the website of Direcção dos Serviços para os Assuntos de Tráfego at for details.