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FacultyUM ProgrammeContact PersonTU Master Degree Option
FAHBA in English StudiesProf. Man Yin CHIU, Department of English
Office: E21-4086
Tel.: 8822 8213
Email: mychiu@um.edu.mo
Liberal Arts
FHSBSc in Biomedical SciencesProf. Guokai CHEN
Office: E12-4013
Tel.: 8822 4985
Email: guokaichen@um.edu.mo
Biomedical Sciences
FSSBSocSc in EconomicsProf. Patrick HO, Department of Economics
Office: E21-3032
Tel.: 8822 8951
Email: whho@um.edu.mo
FSSBSocSc in Government and Public AdministrationProf. Tao LI, Department of Government and Public Administration
Office: E21-4058
Tel.: 8822 8335
Email: taoli@um.edu.mo
Political Science
FSTBSc in Civil EngineeringProf. Yongjie LI, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: E11-3017
Tel.: 8822 4943
Email: yongjieli@um.edu.mo
Civil Engineering
FSTBSc in Electromechanical EngineeringProf. Chi Tat KWOK, Department of Electromechanical Engineering
Office: E11-4069
Tel.: 8822 4459
Email: fstctk@um.edu.mo
Mechanical Engineering
FSTBSc in Computer ScienceProf. Jiantao ZHOU, Department of Computer and Information Science
Office: E11-4089
Tel.: 8822 4495
Email: jtzhou@um.edu.mo
Computer Science; or
Information Science & Technology
FSTBSc in Electrical and Computer EngineeringProf. Mang I VAI, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: E11-3035
Tel.: 8822 4461
Email: fstmiv@um.edu.mo
Electrical Engineering
FSTBSc in Mathematics with Specialization in Mathematics and ApplicationsProf. Seak Weng VONG, Department of Mathematics
Office: E11-3069
Tel.: 8822 4359
Email: swvong@um.edu.mo