If your UM campus card is lost, stolen or with physical damage, you should come personally to the Registry as soon as possible to report the case and to apply for a replacement. You should fill in a form and submit a replacement fee of MOP100.00. The replacement card will be ready for pick-up after 3 working days.

If you are a current student of undergraduate programmes, you can obtain an application form for deferment of study and a student clearance form from the Registry’s office. After you have completed the forms and secured the required signatures, you should return the forms to the Registry and go through the required procedures. For further details, please refer to the item ‘Deferment of Study’ of the General Regulations.

For graduate students, please contact the Graduate School for details.

Yes, please complete the student clearance form and follow the stated check-out procedures. Undergraduates can download the form from https://reg.um.edu.mo/current-students/application-forms/.

For graduate students, please contact the Graduate School for details.
Students leaving the University in the course of study without going through the check-out procedures will be considered as inactive students. No official documents will be issued to such students.

If you are a current student, or have graduated or officially withdrawn from the University, you can apply for a copy of testimonial or transcript. You can fill in a form which is obtainable at the Registry or downloadable from the Registry’s webpage (https://reg.um.edu.mo/current-students/application-forms/). You can then submit the completed form with application fee to the Registry. It takes two working days to process each application.
Yes, students may apply for certified true copies of academic documents such as graduation certificates and academic transcripts. For further details, please refer to the item ‘Certification’ of General Regulations.
No authorization is required at the time of application. If you cannot come personally to take the testimonial or transcript, please authorize a person by completing an authorization form (downloadable from https://reg.um.edu.mo/current-students/application-forms/). The authorized person should bring along the receipt, completed authorization form and the ID copies of both parties when collecting the testimonial or transcript.

If you are an undergraduate, you may send your request by fax or email for changes of address (such as home address, postal address and email address) and contact numbers to the Registry. If you want to change other personal particulars, you must come personally to the Registry and personal identification documents must be presented.

Application forms are obtainable from the Registry or can be downloaded from Registry’s webpage (https://reg.um.edu.mo/current-students/application-forms/). All current students can also directly change their addresses and telephone numbers through the University’s Student Information Web Services ISW (http://myum.um.edu.mo).

Other than changes of address or telephone number, applications for changing a student’s registered particulars will not be accepted after graduation or withdrawal from the University.

For graduate students, please contact the Graduate School for details.

All graduates are not required to come personally to the University to complete the check-out process.

For undergraduates, if you have any outstanding items with Library, Student Affairs Section and Treasury Section, you must go to the administrative unit concerned to clear your outstanding records. Or else, you will not be issued the certificate of graduation.

For graduate students, please contact the Graduate School for details.

Sorry, the graduation certificate is issued once only to each graduate, as there is no second printing. You can apply for a testimonial to prove your graduation status. The application procedures are the same as the other testimonials.
At the beginning of each academic year, the University of Macau sends a list of UM registered students to the DSEJ. In addition, the DSEJ can directly obtain the academic records of UM students with authorisation from the respective students. Therefore, if you are currently receiving scholarship/loan/other financial assistance from the DSEJ, you are not required to submit your annual testimonial and transcript to the DSEJ.