What is UM General Education Programme?

The UM General Education Programme is a University-wide programme.  All UM undergraduate students must complete GE programme requirement before they can graduate.  The programme is divided into 4 themes and 13 areas.  In order to complete the GE programme requirement, a student must obtain credits from each and every GE areas.  The list of courses in these 13 areas can be found from: https://reg.um.edu.mo/current-students/ge

Can I take more than one course from a GE Area?

To fulfil the UM GE credit requirements, a student is required to take one course from each of the GE Area 2 to 13 and two courses from GE Area 1 with the appropriate or assigned English level.  Extra courses taken from the same GE Area will not be counted as GE credits.

I mistakenly took more than one course in one of the GE Area 2 to 13, what can I do with the extra credits?

The extra credits earned by taking an additional GE course may be counted as free elective credits.  However, different majors have different requirements for taking free elective credits. This may result in an extra GE course which cannot be counted as free elective credits.  Students are therefore advised not to take any extra course from any GE Area above and beyond the requirement.

Some GE courses listed in the study plan of my major programme are different from those courses listed in GE web site, which course I should take?

Some majors have designated some of its first year major courses as GE substitution courses.  In such case, the student should take the GE substitution courses instead.  Please consult your own faculty for details about the list of GE substitution courses used for particular major programme.

Can credits earned from an exchange programme be applied for GE credits exemption?

The General Rules Governing Bachelor’s Degree Programmes Course Exemption/Waiver applies to GE courses as well.  This means that you can apply credits exemption for GE courses.  For the details about this general rules, please refer to the description in the course exemption/waiver application form [REG/Form/016] provided in the Registry webpage: https://reg.um.edu.mo/current-students/application-forms/

How can I make sure that the credits earned from an exchange programme are eligible for claiming credits exemption?

It is a common practice that before a student goes abroad on a foreign exchange programme, he/she should complete a “Learning agreement” form.  Please consult the general office of your own Faculty to obtain such form while you are planning for exchange programme.

What is the English requirement in the GE programme?

Starting from academic year 2016/17, a new English requirement model will be applied to all the undergraduate programmes in UM.  All UM students must follow this new English requirement model in order to obtain credits for English requirements.

There is a list of GE Pilot courses, can I take these courses to fulfil the GE Programme requirements?

A new GE Programme model will be launched in academic year 2017/18.  Some of the courses in the new GE programme are offered as GE pilot courses in academic year 2016/17.  Students can take these GE pilot courses to fulfil the corresponding GE requirements in the current GE programme.  For the correspondence between the current GE courses and new GE pilot courses, please refer to the information in the UM Academic Calendar 2016/2017 under the section for General Education Programme.

I am a freshman this year, which GE Programme I should follow?

2016/17 is a transitional year for GE Programme.  Students entering in 2016 must fulfil the current GE Programme requirements.  However, as mentioned in last question, students also have the flexibility to choose some of the new GE pilot courses to fulfil the GE requirements.