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Some major programmes require certain GE courses to be replaced by some other courses offered specially for that programme of study. The following is a list of these substitution courses. Please refer to the study plan from each major programme for details.

FacultyMajor Programme(s)          Course(s) to be taken as SubstitutionSubstituted GE Area *No. of Credits
FAHChinese Language and Literature 1CHLL1005 / CHNB150 – Cantonese Language and Culture

CHLL3006 / CHNB151 – Chinese Sociolinguistics

CHLL1006 / CHNB152 – Classical Chinese Poetry

CHLL1007 / CHNB153 – Classical Chinese Fiction

English StudiesENGB112 – Academic Writing for Students of English I

ENGB122 – Academic Writing for Students of English II

Japanese StudiesJAPN4017 / JPNB467 – Communication in Japanese33
JAPN4008 / JPNB458 – World Histories and Cultures83
JAPN4009 / JPNB459 – Macao, China and Other Societies93
Portuguese StudiesPTSB114 – Living Portuguese23
PORT3001 / PTSB310 – Portuguese Language and Culture of the Lusophone Countries I33
PORT3016 / PTSB326 – Modern and Contemporary History of the Portuguese-Speaking Nations II83
PORT4005 / PTSB416 – Contemporary Society and Institutions of the Portuguese-Speaking Nations I93
PORT4017 / PTSB429 – Portuguese Language Drama123
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Hospitality and Gaming Management
MGMT2000 / MGMT220 – Business Communications33
 All major programmesISOM1002 / QMDS100 – Business Mathematics43
PSYC1000 / PSYB111 – Introduction to Psychology73
FEDPrimary EducationEDUC1014 / PYEB111 – Foundation of Chinese23
FHSBiomedical Sciences 2HSCI1002 / BIOM112 – Introduction to Biological Sciences73
FSSCommunicationCOMM2000 / COMB210 – Quantitative Methods I43
FSTAll major programmesMATB110 – Calculus I43
Civil EngineeringCIVL1000 / CEEB110 – Computer Science53
STGC1000 / CHEM112 – General Chemistry64
Computer ScienceCISC1003 / CISB112 – Information Technology, Professionalism and Ethics53
Electrical and Computer EngineeringECEN1002 / ECEB112 – Computer Science53
ECEN1009 / PHYS120 – Physics64
Electromechanical EngineeringEMEN1000 / EMEB111 – Program Design for Engineers53
ECEN1009 / PHYS120 – Physics64
MathematicsECEN1009 / PHYS120 – Physics64
* Please refer to the 2011/2012 GE Model.
1 Students can also take “PORT1000 / PORT113 – Portuguese Language I – Introductory Portuguese” to fulfil the GE requirement in Area 2.
2 Students admitted in/before academic year 2014/2015 were required to take “BIOB110 – Research Design and Data Analysis for Bioscientists” to substitute Area 7. If these students have not completed BIOB110, they will be allowed to take “HSCI1002 / BIOM112 – Introduction to Biological Sciences” as GE substitution for Area 7.