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FacultyStudy PlanKnowledge AreaTarget Students
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • English Studies
 [ ESM19 ]ArtsFBA, FED (except English Education major), FHS, FLL, FSS, FST students
Faculty of Business Administration
  • Accounting
 [ ACM19 ]ScienceFAH, FED, FLL, FSS students
  • Business Administration
 [ BAM19 ]Business AdministrationFAH, FED, FHS, FLL, FSS (except Economics major), FST students
Faculty of Social Sciences


  • Economics
 [ MEC19 ]Social SciencesFAH, FED, FHS, FLL, FST students
  • Communication
 [ MIC19 ]FAH, FBA, FED, FHS, FLL, FST students
  • International Relations
 [ IRM19 ]
  • Public Administration
 [ PAN19 ]
  • Sociology
 [ SOM19 ]
Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Civil Engineering
 [ CIM19 ]ScienceFAH, FBA (Business Administration major only), FED, FLL, FSS students
  • Computer Science
 [ CSM19 ]
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
 [ EEM19 ]
  • Electromechanical Engineering
 [ ELM19 ]

* These Minor Programmes are being registered, the study plans are to be confirmed and come into operation upon publication in the Government.