Home » 2017/2018 GE Model » Global Awareness » GEGA2001 / GEGA005 – Greater China and the Global Economy
Suggested Year of Study:2 – 4
Duration:1 Semester
Credit Units:3
Offering Unit:FBA

Department of Finance and Business Economics

Medium of Instruction:English



Course Description

Greater China includes Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. This course introduces to students the background and features of each region within Greater China. It especially covers the social and economic changes of Mainland China in the pre- and post- reform periods, its economic structure, its 5-year plans, and their implications for Asia and the entire world. The reform & opening-up policy, foreign direct investment, and international trade have transformed Mainland China into a significant global trader. Its social and economic integration with Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan is being deepened through CEPA, ECFA, and other agreements. Renminbi as an emerging reserve currency, the One-Road-One-Belt strategy, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the new four China Free Trade Zones are the latest events of development important for economies and society in the Asian and European continents. All these topics will be discussed in this course.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

  1. Students will be able to review the business background of Greater China and interpret its economic features (Greater China includes Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao);
  2. Students will be able to identify promising business opportunities that have been emerging from Greater China as a fast growing economic giant;
  3. Students will be able to deduce various implications of Greater China as major emerging markets for international business in the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of the world;
  4. Students will be able to describe the important roles of doing business with Greater China in affecting not only the world economy but also the global society.