Home » 2017/2018 GE Model » Literature and Humanities » GELH1002 / GELH003 – Popular Literature and Life
Suggested Year of Study:Year 1
Duration:1 Semester
Credit units:3
Offering unit:FAH

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Medium of Instruction:Chinese



Course Description

Through classroom instruction for students to grasp the knowledge of Chinese Popular Literature such as: fiction, opera, folk song, etc. Topics such as the analysis and interpretation of texts, themes, psychology and sociological studies of selected masterpieces will be covered. Works discussed will focus on the connection with the life and experience of students, and include the different kinds of theme and genre of popular literature.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate a more advanced reading abilities and accumulate graceful vocabularies on Chinese Popular Literature.

2. Discuss and explain selected those masterpieces in the context of linguistics, literary theories, sociology and gender studies.

3. Articulate a confident and purposeful humanities voice from popular literature books reading.

4. Summarize what they have learnt across this subject, making connections with major themes, concepts and ideas found in the practice of humanities as well as in academic subjects.