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Suggested Year of Study:1-4
Duration:1 Semester
Credit units:3
Offering Unit:FAH – Philosophy and Religious Studies Programme

FBA – Department of Management and Marketing

Medium of Instruction:EnglishChinese or English



Course Description

Applied Ethics

This course component examines the role of ethics in building a just and fair society. Students will be introduced to typical ethical problems they will face in work and society, learn how to apply ethical principles to comprehend and analyse these problems, and make better decisions accordingly.

Foundations of Moral Values

This course component outlines how foundational moral values have been formulated in major philosophical and/or religious traditions and how they influence contemporary life. Students will acquire basic moral knowledge and learn to discuss and appreciate its significance for individuals and in society.

Law and Society

This course component aims to introduce the basic knowledge of the Constitution of China and the Basic Law of Macao at both theoretical and practical levels. It is hoped that this course will help students to understand the basic concepts, theories, principles and spirit of the Constitution and the Basic Law, the basic system of the State and Macao, and the importance of the Constitution and the Basic Law to Macao SAR and the Macao residents.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

Course Component: Applied Ethics

Upon completion students will be able to:

1. understand basic ethical principles and theories.

2. describe typical ethical problems and dilemmas they will face in work, family and business.

3. apply ethical principles to resolve ethical problems and dilemmas.

Course Component: Foundations of Moral Values

Upon completion students will be able to:

1. describe basic moral principles, concepts, and theories.

2. articulate the significance of moral values and theories.

3. critically evaluate the validity of moral concepts.

Course Component: Law and Society

Upon completion students will be able to:

1. the concept, characteristics and functions of constitution.

2. the basic principles of constitution.

3. the basic systems of the State as stipulated in the Constitution of China (the political structure of China, the state structure of China).

4. fundamental rights and duties of citizens.

5. relationship between the Constitution of China and the Macao SAR.

6. the theory of “One Country, Two Systems”.

7. the drafting of the Basic Law.

8. general principles of the Basic Law.

9. relationship between the Central Authorities and the Macao SAR.

10. political structure of the Macao SAR.

11. interpretation and amendment of the Basic Law.