Home » 2017/2018 GE Model » Society and Behaviour » GESB1004 / GESB005 – Development of Games and Gambling
Suggested Year of Study:1
Duration:1 Semester
Credit Units:3
Offering Unit:FBA

Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management

Medium of Instruction:English



Course Description

This course introduces the history of gambling and games. Gambling is a major leisure activity performed by many individuals worldwide. It can take various forms including lottery, sports, horse racing, and casino. This course will introduce students the history of gambling and wagering games across different national cultures including Chinese, Americans and Europeans. Students will examine how gambling and wagering games have evolved over time. It is hopeful that through the lens of time, students can begin to understand the reasons why people take risks and gamble.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

The intended learning outcomes:

1. Students will be able to describe and explain the history of gambling across different human cultures.

2. Students will be able to write and elaborate on the types of wagering games human played.

3. Students will be able to describe the innovation and efforts put into gambling and game invention.

4. Students will be able to judge why human take risks and gamble through the examination of history of gambling.