Home » 2011/2012 GE Model » COMM316 – Communicating in a Global Society
Suggested Year of Study:3 to 4theme-1
Duration:1 Semester
Credit units:3
Offering unit:FAH

Department of Communication


COMM316 – EELC216 (English for Business Majors 2) or EELC122 (English II: Introduction to University English 2) or EELC131 (English III: Academic English I) or EELC141 (English IV: Academic English 3) or ENGL112 (Critical Reading and Writing)

Course Description

This course will equip students to become effective communicators in a globally interconnected knowledge society by developing their ability to both communicate their own ideas and to analyze and evaluate the communication of others. Through individual and collaborative exercises and assignments students will learn how to analyze audiences, choose proper communication channels, and design and deliver effective oral and written messages. The aim of the course is to make each student a more competent and confident communicator.


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Formulate a point of view about a topic and simultaneously acknowledge alternative points of view.
  2. Analyze potential audiences and adapt a message about the topic to the appropriate audience – interpersonal, group, organizational, and global;
  3. Design a message effectively to express their point of view about a topic;
  4. Convey the message effectively through multiple media ( e.g. oral, written, and electronic);
  5. Think extemporaneously while delivering the message in order to effectively adapt to audience feedback and/or convey feedback to the audience members;
  6. Critically analyze and evaluate the public communication of others;
  7. Incorporate feedback from multiple sources in order to refine and enrich the original point of view.