Home » 2011/2012 GE Model » EDUC2056 / EDPA212 – Visual and Performing Arts – Drama
Suggested Year of Study:2 to 4theme-4
Duration:1 Semester
Credit units:2
Offering unit:FED



Course Description

This course is composed of two major components, art introduction and drama performance. This course acquaints students with vocabulary and concepts for critiquing and analyzing visual and performing arts; it examines the function of arts from social and global perspectives; and it encourages students to develop judgment in visual and performing arts’ analysis and criticism. Students will gain an overview of the historical movements and ideas in different forms of arts across eras and cultures. In the drama performance component which follows, students will be introduced to the form and function of dramatic literature in its relationship to theatrical performance. Study of plays as texts leads into the rehearsal and performance of short plays.


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Comprehend how human experience is imaginatively perceived, explored and aesthetically represented in visual art forms;
  2. Apply a range of strategies for the analysis and critique of dramatic art;
  3. Have developed a global perspective on the roles and functions of dramatic art role in different cultures and societies;
  4. Apply what they have learnt across subject areas, making connections with major themes, concepts, and ideas found in the practice of arts as well as academic subjects;
  5. Understand creative processes through which artists are inspired, and comprehend how human experience is imaginatively perceived and explored in art, music, and drama;
  6. Have developed, through group projects, people skills and attitudes which will serve them as responsible citizens;
  7. Have become more positive and confident in public through the practice of drama performance.