Home » 2011/2012 GE Model » EELC141/142 – English IV: Academic English 3 & 4
Suggested Year of Study:1theme-1
Duration:2 Semesters
Credit units:3+3
Offering unit:FAH

English Language Centre


EELC141 – EELC132 (English III: Academic English 2) or release from EELC132 based on placement or admission assessments

EELC142 – EELC141 (English IV: Academic English 4)

Course Description

EELC141/142 are two semester courses. These courses build upon communication and study skills/strategies taught at previous levels and focus on academic language proficiency, while continuing to improve informal and formal use of English by students. Instructors work with learners to identify individual language learning needs related to their academic work, and often use content- or theme-based approaches to link English to other coursework. Skills addressed in the course include, but are not limited to, using outlines to develop and write essays, drawing conclusions from texts, inferring meaning and authors’ opinions from texts, and giving effective presentations on a variety of topics in class. Students also will work with features of English such as idiom, inference, and appropriateness.


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. 1.Employ speaking and listening skills to:
    1. Respond to each other and support one’s opinions through specific examples in readings, videos, and audio;
    2. Engage in discussion of a variety of societal and current affairs topics; and
    3. Use a variety of context-appropriate transitions in written and spoken discourse.
  2. Apply study and research skills to:
    1. Gather and analyze information from a variety of perspectives and sources and use them effectively to help justify own stance during small group discussions;
    2. Effectively use critical thinking skills and process information in a logical manner.
  3. Synthesize core skills by:
    1. Producing English language materials (such as podcasts, texts, lesson plans, etc.) written for a specific English learning audience.