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Suggested Year of Study:1theme-1
Duration:1 Semester
Credit units:3
Offering unit:FAH

Department of English


ENGL113 – ENGL112 (Critical Reading and Writing)

Course Description

ENGL113 will build upon the proficiency developed by students in the first semester of the General Education English Language Requirement by developing reading and writing skills through the study of literary texts that are related to a particular unifying theme. Literary texts, however, must be chosen to include at least two of the following genres: poetry, fiction and drama. When a teacher proposes a set of readings, the Head of the English Department must approve course outline. The primary mode of evaluation for the course is argumentative and expository writing about themes represented within the literary works. In all, student should produce no less than 1500 words of edited prose within either two or three essays.


  1. Use critical reading and thinking skills to analyse the language of creative texts with awareness of the role of genre, purpose and appreciation of the artistic value of literary texts.
  2. Use rhetorical knowledge to produce writing that:
    1. focuses on a clear consistent purpose
    2. responds to the needs of an appropriate sophisticated academic audience
    3. employs a tone that is consistent with writing for an academic audience
    4. develops supporting arguments that are rhetorically appropriate
  3. Develop a writing process that is rhetorically flexible to the demands of academic writing in multiple genres. This includes the ability to:
    1. use various strategies of invention, drafting and revision
    2. critique one’s own work and the work of peers
    3. reflect on the process of writing multiple drafts of an essay
  4. Learn to give and receive critical responses as a member of a community of academic writers.