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Students can check the following information through the Student Information Web Services (ISW) https://myum.um.edu.mo/ for the below items.


  1. Course Enrolment Records
    1. Students are advised to consult their study plans during selection of courses for enrolment, especially the year of graduation. They should keep their study plans and any subsequent adjustments for future reference during the course enrolment and for graduation purpose.
    2. Students can check their own enrolment records through the Student Information Web Services (ISW) for information.
  2. Personal Information
    1. Students should inform the Registry immediately of any change of personal particulars entered in the students’ registration records. For change of address (such as home address, postal address and email address) and contact numbers, requests may be sent through fax or email. For changes of other personal particulars, students must go personally to the Registry office and personal identification documents must be presented.
    2. Application forms are obtainable at the Registry office or can be downloaded from the Registry’s homepage. All current students can also directly change their addresses and telephone numbers through the Student Information Web Services (ISW).
    3. Other than changes of address or telephone number, applications for changing a student’s registered particulars will not be accepted after graduation or withdrawal from the University.
    4. Upon graduation, students should check their names carefully, which must be the same as that shown on the student’s personal identification document, for the purpose of printing the graduation certificate.
  3. Confirmation of Information for Graduation Certification of Undergraduate Programmes
    Students should check the following information for Graduation Certification via the Student Information Web Services (ISW) https://myum.um.edu.mo/.

    1. Check and confirm your name carefully, which should be the same as the one shown on your personal identification document for the purpose of printing the graduation certificate.
    2. Confirm the email address for the purpose of notifying the collection of graduation certificate and for future contact.
    3. Update other information, such as the contact number or home address, if necessary. Students should update their information at the Personal Information page at ISW as described in item 2b above.