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CPED1002 / CPED102 – Physical Education II
Suggested Year of Study:Year 1
Duration:2 Semesters
Credit units:0.5 credit each
Offering unit:FED



Course Description

Physical Education consists of theory of fitness (Part I) and basic sport concepts, knowledge and skill practice in team sport and individual sport (Part II).

Part I covers sport relevant concepts including the function of sports in life, sports injury prevention & treatment and sport knowledge. Students will learn theory, principle and regulation in fitness and know how to do exercise and workout regularly.

Part II focuses on skill-based physical fitness which includes one team sport and one individual sport.

Students will be guided to apply the concept of fitness sport theory and game strategy with skill when they learn sports for participating in sport and sport practice continuously.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

Upon completion students should be able to:

  1. Apply the basic knowledge of sport and exercise in daily life.
  2. Find the risk factors and safety issues in sport practice.
  3. Identify personal fitness level and exercise patterns to maintain and improve their health.
  4. Interpret and apply fitness concept to participate in regular exercise.
  5. Examine and manage individual’s motor skill via exercise / sports.
  6. Evaluate application of the principles and strategy in regular exercise (fitness) and games (sport).