Home » 2017/2018 Curriculum Model » CPED1000 / CPED100 – Residential College Experiential Learning
Suggested Year of Study:Year 1
Duration:1 Year
Credit units:1

(0.5 for each semester)

Offering unit:RC



Course Description

This course is designed to enrich first-year students to collegial life, living and learning opportunities, and residential colleges learning goals at the University of Macau. It provides active learning opportunities which enable students to take responsibility for their transition to university and RC life. The course also serves the function of forming student learning communities, which, facilitated by RC faculty, encourage students to explore a wide range of experiential learning activities in RC competency areas (Citizenship with Global Perspective, Cultural Engagement, Healthy Living, Interpersonal Relations and Teamwork, Leadership and Service) while documenting and assessing their personal growth in an e-portfolio.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

Students are responsible for submitting e-portfolio project(s). The course runs parallel to and complements the University’s RC requirements for first-year students. Students enrolled in the course develop skills while gaining knowledge and experiences which equip them for the successful completion of the RC requirements and achievement of RC learning goals for first-year students.