Registry (REG) is the subordinate unit of Academic Affairs Office (AAO) and it comprises three teams, namely Admissions Team, Undergraduate Studies Team, Academic Services and Statistics Team, which provide a wide range of services to our prospective undergraduate students, current students, staff members and alumni.

Ms Ka Vai VU, Eduarda
General Administration:
Ms Nga Iam KUAN, Joanna
Ms Ut Kam LEONG, Teresa
Admissions Team
Functional Head:
Ms Lai Leng WAN, Sherry
Ms Wai In SIU, Winnie
Ms Sin I CHONG, Amy
Ms Wai Lin AO, Natalie
Ms Sok Fan CHEONG, Fay
Ms Hio Lam LAI, Zoe
Mr Chon Kio CHAN, Joe
Ms Cheng Man LAM, Kay
Ms Leng U, Elaine

  • Admission Examination;
  • Admission Scholarships;
  • Admission Statistics and Analysis;
  • Foreign Students Recruitment;
  • Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Malaysian Students Recruitment;
  • Local Students Recruitment;
  • Mainland China Students Recruitment;
  • Promotional activities for undergraduate admission;
  • New Students Registration.
Undergraduate Studies Team
Functional Head: 
Ms Wai Man TO, Crystie
Ms Weng Ian TANG, Quency
Ms Kar Bik LUK, Pallas
Ms Ka Man WONG, Novella
Ms Nga Wun HO, Ivy
Ms Wai Sun LEUNG, Edvina
Ms I Cheng LEONG, Athena
Ms Man I LEI, Monie

  • Change of Programme;
  • Class Scheduling;
  • Course Enrolment including Pre-Enrolment and Course Add/Drop;
  • Course Exemption and Course Waiver;
  • Course Code Assignment for Undergraduate Programmes;
  • Deferment and Resumption of Study;
  • Examination Scheduling;
  • Graduation Checking;
  • Issuing of Official Documents, such as Testimonials and Transcripts of Undergraduate Programmes;
  • Undergraduate Students Records Maintenance;
  • Production of Campus Cards;
  • Withdrawal from Study.
Academic Services and Statistics Team
Functional Head:
Ms Si Weng CHOI, Harina
Mr Peng Cheong LOU, Joee
Ms Ka In PANG, Ashley
Ms Ka Mio NGAN, Bella
Ms  Ka Wai CHAN, Stella
Mr  Kai Tek LEONG, Berry

  • Academic Ceremonies and Events, namely Congregation, Honorary Degree Ceremony, Open Day, etc;
  • Academic Quality Assurance Activities, namely Programme Review and New Programme Accreditation;
  • College English Test (CET) Band 4 and Band 6;
  • Maintenance of Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Records;
  • Preparation and Revision of Undergraduate Academic Regulations/Guidelines;
  • Printing of Graduation Certificates;
  • Publications of Academic and Promotional Materials, namely UM Academic Calendar, UM Prospectus for Undergraduate Programmes, etc;
  • Quality Management Projects;
  • Students’ Statistics and Analysis.