Registry (REG) is the subordinate unit of Academic Affairs Office (AAO) and it comprises three teams, namely Admissions Team, Undergraduate Studies Team, Academic Services and Statistics Team, which provide a wide range of services to our prospective undergraduate students, current students, staff members and alumni.

Ms Ka Vai VU, Eduarda
General Administration:
Ms Nga Iam KUAN, Joanna
Ms Ut Kam LEONG, Teresa
Admissions Team
Functional Head:
Ms Wai In SIU, Winnie
Ms Sin I CHONG, Amy
Ms Wai Lin AO, Natalie
Ms Sok Fan CHEONG, Fay
Ms Hio Lam LAI, Zoe
Mr Chon Kio CHAN, Joe
Ms Cheng Man LAM, Kay
Ms Leng U, Elaine
Ms Iek Si CHOU, Candy

  • Admission Examination;
  • Admission Scholarships;
  • Admission Statistics and Analysis;
  • Foreign Students Recruitment;
  • Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Malaysian Students Recruitment;
  • Local Students Recruitment;
  • Mainland China Students Recruitment;
  • Promotional activities for undergraduate admission;
  • New Students Registration.
Undergraduate Studies Team
Functional Head: 
Ms Wai Man TO, Crystie
Ms Weng Ian TANG, Quency
Ms Kar Bik LUK, Pallas
Ms Ka Man WONG, Novella
Ms Nga Wun HO, Ivy
Ms Wai Sun LEUNG, Edvina
Ms Man I LEI, Monie

  • Change of Programme;
  • Class Scheduling;
  • Course Enrolment including Pre-Enrolment and Course Add/Drop;
  • Course Exemption and Course Waiver;
  • Course Code Assignment for Undergraduate Programmes;
  • Deferment and Resumption of Study;
  • Examination Scheduling;
  • Graduation Checking;
  • Issuing of Official Documents, such as Testimonials and Transcripts of Undergraduate Programmes;
  • Undergraduate Students Records Maintenance;
  • Production of Campus Cards;
  • Withdrawal from Study.
Academic Services and Statistics Team
Functional Head:
Ms Si Weng CHOI, Harina
Mr Peng Cheong LOU, Joee
Ms Ka In PANG, Ashley
Ms Ka Mio NGAN, Bella
Ms  Ka Wai CHAN, Stella
Mr  Kai Tek LEONG, Berry

  • Academic Ceremonies and Events, namely Congregation, Honorary Degree Ceremony, Open Day, etc;
  • Academic Quality Assurance Activities, namely Programme Review and New Programme Accreditation;
  • College English Test (CET) Band 4 and Band 6;
  • Maintenance of Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Records;
  • Preparation and Revision of Undergraduate Academic Regulations/Guidelines;
  • Printing of Graduation Certificates;
  • Publications of Academic and Promotional Materials, namely UM Academic Calendar, UM Prospectus for Undergraduate Programmes, etc;
  • Quality Management Projects;
  • Students’ Statistics and Analysis.