Considering the current pandemic prevention requirement against the novel coronavirus diseases, limited services will be provided and you are suggested to contact with us through on-line enquiry.

Registration Information for New Bachelor Students 2022/2023

  • If you are not able to upload your Form 6 graduation certificate/transcript by 18/07/2022, you may bring the originals and copies for submission on site (original for verification only) at registration during 27-29/07/2022.
  • If the medical report/Form 6 graduation certificate or transcript are still not available on your registration day during 27-29/07/2022, please still come to conduct registration procedure in person according to the specific schedule of your admitted programme. You may submit the medical report and required vaccination record/original (for verification) & copies of Form 6 graduation certificate or transcript later at the Registry counter (Room G002 in N6 Administration Building) during 01-04/08/2022.

Dates concerned may be adjusted subject to pandemic situations. We will keep you posted for any updates.

Applicants with any of the following qualifications may apply for bachelor programme by Admission Examination(Joint Admission Examination):

Application requirements Required academic documents
1. Form 6 or equivalent graduates. Copies of certificate(s) and academic transcripts for Form 6 or equivalent in secondary school.
2. Candidates currently studying in Form 6 or equivalent. Copies of academic transcripts for the first semester of Form 6 or equivalent in secondary school.

If the Form 6 transcript is not available during the application period, applicants may submit the Form 5 transcript together with the page stating you are a current Form 6 student extracted from the DSEJ student card.

3. For applicants aged 23 or above on 1 September 2022 with related working experience, the admission requirements stated above may be exempted.  However, they must sit for the Admission Examinations as required. – – –
Admission Rules for Bachelor’s Degree Programme (2022/2023)

For information of the Joint Admission Examination, please refer to our website.