1. The University reserves the right to terminate any application:
    • that is found to include untrue and/or incorrect information that would affect the qualification requirements stipulated by the University;
    • that contains forged academic or related documents; or
    • where the applicant displayed any misconduct during the admission or examination process.
  2. Should any of the above cases occur, the applicant should take full responsibility for all consequences.
  3. In consideration of adequate utilization of admission quota, if an applicant has accepted our undergraduate admission offer but still accepts another offer by other admission channels, the University reserves the right to terminate his/her admission.
  4. For disqualified applications, all documents submitted and fees paid will not be returned.
  5. For applicants found to have provided any untrue or incorrect application, the University reserves the right to reject his/her application thereafter.
  6. Registered students of University of Macau cannot concurrently register/enrol in any other higher education programme(s) in Macao, including programme(s) offered by the University of Macau.  If students are found to be registered for more than one higher education programme, the University of Macau reserves the right to terminate his/her application or study at any time.