General Rules

  1. A minor programme requires 30-35 credits of courses.
  2. A student  who  wishes  to  apply  for  enrolling  in  a  minor  programme  should  achieve  a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above (Grade C or better).
  3. Students may apply for minor programme within the scheduled period in each semester and can pursue a maximum of two minor programmes but they are not eligible to apply for it in their first registered semester at UM. Students having prior approval for pursuing minor programme will be given priority in course enrolment.    However, students without prior approval may also apply for qualification of a minor programme in the 2nd semester of the final year of study if they have successfully enrolled in all the courses required by the minor programme.
  4. Changing minor  programme  is  subject  to  approval  of  the  academic  unit  of  the  minor programme  changed  to.    Any student can have only one approved change of minor programme during his/her undergraduate study at UM.
  5. In order to graduate with a minor qualification, a student must complete all requirements of the enrolled minor programme, as well as all the requirements of the major programme of study. The courses taken for minor programme cannot be counted towards students’ major programme and vice versa.    The results achieved from the minor courses will not be calculated towards the GPA calculation for graduation.
  6. Students who graduate with a minor qualification will have a certificate awarded together with a separate transcript indicating all the courses taken for the minor programme.
  7. A student who wishes not to continue their enrolled minor programme should apply for withdrawal from minor programme by submitting an application form to the Registry. The courses taken previously for the withdrawn minor programme will all be counted towards students’ major programme and included in the GPA calculation for graduation.