Admission Rules for Bachelor’s Degree Programmes(2019/2020) 

Online Application for “Admission Examination” 2019/2020

Application Period: 03 – 18/01/2019

Exemption from Taking Admission Examination Subjects (2019/2020)  
Application Period: 11/12/2018 – 11/01/2019

NOTICE: Applicants who wish to apply for exemption from taking Admission Examination subjects for 2019/2020 must download and fill in above application form. Then submit the application form with required documents to Registry during the application period.

Online Application for Preferential Admission Scheme for Admission Examination Candidates (2019/2020)  
Application Period: 03/01 – 01/02/2019

NOTICE: Applicants applying for “Preferential Admission Scheme” also have to successfully complete all the application procedures within the application period of Admission Examination (03 – 18/01/2019).

For information of the Joint Admission Examination, please refer to our website at

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