Academic Support Units

Academic Support Units 學術輔助部門
Academic Affairs Office (AAO)

  • Registry (REG)

  • 註冊處
Alumni and Development Office (ADO) 校友及發展辦公室
Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE) 教與學優化中心
Global Affairs Office (GAO) 全球事務部
Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs (HSEO) 安健及環境事務辦公室
Office of Sports Affairs (OSA) 體育事務部
Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office (RSKTO)

  • Research Services Section (RSS)
  • Knowledge Transfer Section (KTS)

  • 研究服務處
  • 知識轉移處
Rector’s Office (RTO) 校長辦公室
Student Affairs Office (SAO)

  • Student Counselling Section (SCS)
  • Student Development Section (SDS)
  • Student Resources Section (SRS)

  • 學生輔導處
  • 學生發展處
  • 學生資源處
Strategy and Planning Office (SPO) 策略及規劃辦公室
University Library (LIB)

  • Library Resources and Development Section (LRD)
  • Library Services and Outreach Section (LSO)

  • 圖書館資源及發展處
  • 圖書館服務及推廣處

Administrative Units

Administrative Units 行政部門
Campus Management and Development Office (CMDO)

  • Construction and Facilities Maintenance Section (CFM)
  • Electrical and Mechanical Section (EMS)
  • Campus Services Section (CSS)
  • Security and Facilities Services Section (SFS)

  • 工程及設施維護處
  • 機電處
  • 校園服務處
  • 保安及設施服務處
Communications Office (CO)

  • Public Relations Section (PRS)

  • 公共關係處
Finance Office (FO)

  • Accounts Section (ACC)
  • Budget Section (BGT)
  • Treasury Section (TRE)

  • 會計處
  • 預算處
  • 出納處
Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO)

  • Academic Computing and Technology Services Section (ACTS)
  • Information Management Section (IMS)
  • Infrastructure and User Services Section (IUS)

  • 電腦教學暨技術服務處
  • 資訊管理處
  • 資訊基建暨用戶服務處
Internal Audit Office 內部審計辦公室
Office of Administration (ADMO)

  • Human Resources Section (HRS)
  • Procurement Section (PCT)

  • 人力資源處
  • 採購處

Data as at January 2023