With the purpose of providing an equal admission opportunity, necessary study environment and facilities for students with disability, the University has devised the “Admission Policy for Students with Disabilities” in the following.

1. Condition

Applicants with disabilities have the option to voluntarily disclose their disability status/conditions. If they choose to disclose their disabilities, they will also have to indicate whether they wish to have the special arrangements, such as admission examination waiver or special examination arrangements. In such case, applicants with disabilities need to notify the University of the disability condition with submission of an assessment report from a registered medical practitioner and other documents/evidence of such diagnosis, latest upon submission of application so that it will allow sufficient time for UM to evaluate special arrangement needed for the student when necessary.

2. Admission

2.1 Assessment Committee Upon notification of the case, the University will form a Committee to assess the application. Discussion and evaluation will be conducted on a case by case basis. The Committee consists of the Vice Rector (Academic Affairs), Registrar, Dean (or the academic in-charge of the programme that the candidate applies for), Examiners for Admission Examination (if the applicant is an admission examination candidate), and representatives of departments concerned.
2.2 For applicants with disabilities asking for admission examination waiver, the Committee will consider whether these applicants are not suitable or capable to take the examination.
2.3 For applicants with disabilities asking for special examination arrangements, depending on the condition of the individual applicant/candidate, the University will provide special arrangements, e.g. additional examination time, convenience of examination venue, use of computers and special format of examination materials or devices, etc. Candidates with disability afterwards proven not being able to sit for the admission examination will follow point 2.2 for admission.
2.4 For special arrangement in the Admission Examination, applicants should complete and submit an application form (click here to download) with necessary documents to Registry within the prescribed application period of yearly Admission Examination.

3. Upon confirmation of student’s admission

A work group will be formed and consisted of members of Student Affairs Office, Registry, Faculty concerned, Campus Management Office or other departments when necessary (subject to the case evaluated) as to provide appropriate facilities and equipment for facilitating the students’ learning at UM. Additional budget may be needed to make the facilities available. Student ambassadors of the same major may also be recruited to provide close assistance in study and campus life.

 For information of support and services provided by the University upon students’ admission, please visit to Student Affairs Office website for details.