The following format of course code has been implemented in academic year 2018/2019. It will be made up of 2 components, a 4-letter course prefix and a 4-digit course number. For example, COMM1000.

4-letter course prefix 4-digit course number
 e.g. COMM 1000

Course Prefix: The course prefix will be assigned in accordance with the course offering unit, except the Community and Peer Education courses and General Education courses, etc. For example, all courses offered by the Department of Communication will have the same course prefix of COMM. Please read here for the list of Course Prefixes.

Course Number: The 1st digit refers to the year level of a course. 0 will be assigned to the pre-U-level courses, such as the pre-calculus course and the courses for high school students, etc. 1-5 will be assigned to the undergraduate courses of different year levels, 1 refers to the year-1 courses, 2 refers to the year-2 courses, and so on. The rest 3 digits of course numbers will be randomly assigned.

Course information and the list of undergraduate courses can be found in Course Catalog and SharePoint respectively.