Minor Programmes offered by the University are designed to give students a basic knowledge in a particular discipline; therefore, they will not be part of the professional accreditation process.  Professional accreditation is only applicable to relevant bachelor’s degree programmes.

The tuition scheme of Minor Programme can be found in Tuition and Other Fees and Charges.

Students may check on the application requirements and selection criteria of each programme at SharePoint, and the individual minor programme study plan before applying.

Please find below the minor programmes which are going to be offered for application in the 2nd semester of academic year 2023/2024.

Faculties Minor Programmes
Faculty of Arts and Humanities English Studies
Japanese Studies
Portuguese Studies
Faculty of Business Administration Accounting
Business Administration
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
International Integrated Resort Management
Faculty of Science and Technology Applied Mathematics
Civil Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electromechanical Engineering
Faculty of Social Sciences Communication
International Relations
Public Administration