Upon successful completion of studies, fulfilment of both the GPA requirement and the RC requirement at the University, and with the approval of University Senate, academic awards are conferred on students at a congregation.

The graduation certificate will be issued once only, as there will be no second printing. Students are therefore strongly advised to ensure the safe-keeping of this important document.


Notes for the Collection of Graduation Certificates
(For Bachelor’s Degree Programmes)

  1. Upon the receipt of notification emails/SMS for certificate collection from the Registry, graduates should bring along the identification documents to the Registry during office hours for the collection of graduation certificates.
  2. To ensure smooth collection of graduation certificates, the Registry will complete the check-out procedures for graduates. Graduates should make sure that there is no outstanding item with the following departments.
    Departments Items Contact for Inquiry
    University Library To ensure no books are on loan. (853) 8822 8160/ 8170


    Affiliated Residential College (RC) To complete the RC move-out procedure.


    Treasury Section To ensure you have no outstanding payments. (853) 8822 8349


  3. If there is outstanding item when graduates collect the graduation certificates, which indicates the incompletion of check-out procedure, graduates should go to the department concerned to clear the outstanding records. Otherwise, the graduation certificate will not be issued.
  4. If graduates are unable to collect the certificate in person, please entrust a representative to collect the certificate. In such case, the representative must present the authorization letter ( REG/Form/042 ) signed by the graduate and attached with copies of the identification document of both parties.
  5. The University reserves the right to withhold conferment of an award on a student who has outstanding item owed to the University, or who has otherwise failed to discharge all obligations towards the University.

The Verification System of Graduation Certificate of the University of Macau (https://isw.um.edu.mo/versi) has been launched for public use. This system is applicable to graduation certificates of higher education issued by the University of Macau from 6 June 2018 onward, and of graduates who have signed the authorization form to allow the University to store their graduation information in this system for verification by the third party.