1. Application

Applicants who wish to apply for any of the Four Institutions have to go to the admission webpage(s) of the higher education institution(s) they wish to apply to for proceeding with the application procedures. The application fee for each institution is MOP 250.

Yes. Candidates may apply for exemption of particular JAE subject. Due to different exemption criteria of each institution, candidates should refer to the applied institution(s) for the exemption criteria of each JAE subject. The Four Institutions will review their exemption applications individually and inform the candidates of the approval results by e-mail or through the admission webpage(s).

Yes. The Four Institutions have established “Special Examination Arrangements for Students with Disabilities for the JAE (Subjects: Languages and Mathematics)”. Applicants are required to submit the application form and the required documents one month prior to the yearly JAE application deadline (i.e. before 31 December in the year preceding the examination). Application result will be notified by email to the applicant before the end of February in the year of examination.

Yes. Candidates can submit request by email with relevant supporting document proving the amendment to institution(s) they have applied to.

Yes. The implementation of JAE does not affect the current admission practices of each higher education institution and JAE is not the only way to recruit students. However, applicants have to check if their qualification meets the admission requirement of the institution(s) they wish to apply to.

No. JAE results are only applicable to the year of JAE application. Admitted candidates who could not register due to special reason can have their admission placement retained according to the rules and procedures of the respective higher education institution.

2. Examination Arrangement

The Four Institutions will issue JAE Permit to their own candidates. Thus, candidates will receive the same number of JAE Permits as the number of higher education institutions they have applied to.

JAE Permit will be released online from 06 – 17 March 2024. Candidates can download the JAE Permit through the online application system of the institution they have applied to.

No. Candidates are only required to present JAE Permit of any higher education institution they have applied to and valid identification document for attending JAE.

Candidates should check carefully the personal information printed on their JAE Permit. Any mistakes found should be reported by email to institutions they have applied to at least 3 working days before the examination.

No. The examinations of JAE will be arranged in venues supplied by the Four Institutions. Therefore, there is a chance that candidates will be arranged to take examinations at any of the Four Institutions.

After the conclusion of the Mathematics Standard Paper, candidates who need to take examinations of Mathematics Supplementary Paper will have to follow the instructions and the arrangement given by the invigilators to proceed with the examination of Supplementary Paper.

Candidates who arrive late and are admitted into the examination room after the examination has started will not be given extra time. Entry to the examination room will NOT be permitted 30 minutes after the commencement of the examination.

The Four Institutions have jointly established the “General Information” and “Examination Rules” for JAE, which states the examination arrangement under such weather condition. All cancelled examinations will be postponed to the same time slot in the following week. Candidates concerned will be notified by mobile phone message (SMS) and email regarding the details of the examination rearrangement.

3. Admission and Result Announcement

Yes. Candidates can check their examination results from the online application system of the institution(s) they have applied to in May every year.

No. Candidates’ own results are only made available for reference by themselves.

The arrangement of confirmed offer and tuition fee payment will be handled by the Four Institutions. Candidates should refer to the specific announcement of the Four Institutions for further details.

JAE is held only once a year. No supplementary examination will be arranged. If candidates could not attend due to special reason, they could contact the higher education institutions directly to see if there is any alternative arrangement.