Through support by the University leadership, UM’s GE curriculum provides a student-centred and outcome-based programme that reflects the values and needs of the UM community.

It is important that UM provides to its students a high quality educational experience that will facilitate their success as 21st century citizens and leaders. This is the direction of the development of higher education worldwide and also the bedrock of UM’s efforts in fulfilling its goal of becoming a world-class university. By establishing the 4-in-1 education model, it is hoped that UM will be able to throw off the shackles of a traditional specialised/vocational undergraduate education model and deliver a new 21st century holistic education model that integrates the 4-in-1 components, namely discipline-specific education, general education, research and internship education, and community and peer education. And in doing so, nurtures students’ development in new ways that foster a strong sense of moral integrity, and the ability to think critically, be problem solvers and contributing citizens of Macao, Greater China and the world. Our hope is that our students, upon graduation, will thus be able to face the future with the confidence, strength and abilities needed to meet the various challenges that will define the 21st century.