Students’ Sharing


Faculty of Science and Technology (Bachelor of Science – Electromechanical Engineering)

Hello everyone! I am Isuru Chinthana Gunaratne and I am from the beautiful island most people refer to as “The Pearl of South Asia”, Sri Lanka. While being among the top ranked universities in Asia, the key reason why I choose to come to UM is English Being the main language of teaching and the abundant resources for students. I have always wanted to experience foreign cultures and specially to learn foreign language, UM provides a lot of language courses for students. Right now I am studying Portuguese and hoping to study Mandarin later. Since the day I got here everyone has been so supportive and the Residential College system with all the infrastructure facilities at UM made the transition even easier. I truly believe that having very talented classmates from all around the globe and being privileged enough to study under the guidance of outstanding teaching staffs will help me to become an excellent engineer.


Faculty of Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Nice to meet you. I am Kim Hyebin who is majoring in Business Administration in UM. After finished high school, I found UM while I was looking for universities in Asia. UM is very attractive to me because of the facilities in the campus. In addition, varieties of programmes and activities are provided to UM students, throughout this chance, I can learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture. And lessons are taught in English, it is great opportunity to learn English as well. The university life here is the best time of my life.  


Faculty of Social Science (Bachelor of Social Science – Psychology)

University of Macau is a university equipped with complete facilities, everything is just walking distance away, which is very convenient. People here are very friendly and approachable, everyone is willing to share their thoughts and experiences. Medium of instruction in University of Macau is mainly English, so that our professional knowledge would be internationally recognised. It is a great advantage no matter in furthering studies or finding a job. University of Macau hope that students would step out of their comfort zone to interact with different cultures and learn from them in a distinct environment. During the year, I have joined UM Dance Troupe which offers me a chance to perform in different activities and festivals, also helps me to build up self-confidence. Hence, studying here is definitely a wise choice that I have made.