• Student from Taiwan, graduated from Faculty of Science and Technology – Civil Engineering
  • Graduated at Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School
Honestly, I almost know nothing about Macao and University of Macau before I read the brochure just like this in your hand now. However, although I come from Taiwan where also speaks Chinese, I made the decision to come to UM for the reasons as the following:

First, the official language of UM is English. I believe that all students including me can efficiently improve English levels in this campus. Moreover, if you are reading this essay in English, you are highly possible not a native Chinese speaker, UM can also be a good choice for you to learn Chinese, contact Chinese culture and East Asian society.

Second, UM has the best Residential College (RC) system which really attracts me. When I was writing this essay, I have joined UM for about a month long, I really feel belong to this place due to all things college have done for freshmen such as orientation camp, floor activities, and all lovely RC members. This is not just a dormitory, but a home you live and a place where fantastic things happen.

Third, I always desire to see and touch this world more by my own eyes and hands since I was a child. Leaving my hometown to study in UM is a really good opportunity for me to do so, and this is also a good choice for you as well.


  • 4th year student from Malaysia, studying in Faculty of Business Administration – Accounting
An eventful and successful life comes from an accumulation of good decisions. Before any of that, you will have to first work out what do you expect from university, what do you want to achieve in life? After that, is the question of would you like to kick start your streak of good decisions by joining UM?

The university has Great Buildings, Great Professors, Great Knowledge, Great Character. A marvelous environment and Residential College. We have incoming exchange students every semester, which provides you with diversity and an opportunity to learn about cultural difference.

What’s even better that you’ve even got a chance to go on such an exchange yourself to the United States, Germany, Mongolia, India and many other universities across all continents. Other than your personal excursions beyond the university, time spent with the Malaysia community, reminiscing about memories back home and unlimited prospects ahead is one that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Remember, a successful life are mainly composed with an accumulation of good decisions!


  • 4th year student from Korea, studying in Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Portuguese Studies
Hi, I’m Jung Jisook. I’m major in Portuguese Studies.

I know UM since I’ve been to Macao for having a Portuguese summer course. When I first came to UM, I am impressed by the facilities such as the Residential colleges, gym and library. The campus environment can help students to concentrate more on their studies.

Moreover, the Residential Colleges are clean and cozy to stay. I am attracted by these facilities and decided to study Portuguese Studies here in UM.

I want to study with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. UM holds many activities to help international students to get along with new friends.

One of the UM’s strength is students can learn many languages by having classes and interacting with students from different countries. In my case, I’m planning to learn Portuguese, English, and Chinese.

Macao is known as tourist city, but I believe it will get more fame academically and UM will be a world renowned university. I’m really excited to study in UM and I want to recommend UM to Korean students.