Application Fee

Application Channel Application Fee
Admission Examination 250
Direct Admission 300

Applicants can settle the application fee by one of the following payment methods after submission of the on-line application. Settlement by other methods, duplicated or excessive payment will not be refunded. Applications without settlement of application fee before the application deadline will be regarded as invalid and will not be processed.


Click “Pay Online” after logged in the on-line application system, then click “Submit” to enter the payment system. The interface will be shown as below (desktop version), you may choose:

  • To settle by BOC Pay, WeChat Pay, and AliPay, etc.: Scan the QR code for payment.
  • To settle by “VISA/MASTER” credit card: Click “Credit card” and input the related information including card number and expiry date, then click “Submit”. The bank will validate the information you provided. Please check with your bank if you are not sure whether you can proceed the online payment with the card you hold.

The payment result will be shown on the interface immediately. If you failed to pay on-line, please contact your bank directly for the failure reason and retry the above procedures. Applicants will receive an “Application No.” (AP-C3-XXXX-X) upon completion of on-line payment within the same day.

Points to note:

  • Application fee can be paid on the applicants’ behalf.
  • Please use another browser (e.g. Firefox/ Internet Explorer/ Chrome) if you failed to enter the payment interface.
  • The on-line payment system is in English only. If you found that the payment interface is in Chinese, it is very likely that you are using the translation tool for website. In this case, the Chinese name shown on the page may not be identical with the one you input in the on-line application system. You may turn off the translation tool and proceed the payment.
  • Please contact the Registry if you failed to settle the application fee with the above methods.

Tuition Fees for Academic Year 2023/2024

Annual Tuition Fees (MOP) Remarks
122,600 The annual tuition fees to be paid by two installments (i.e. two semesters) under programme fee scheme within normal study period.
  • University of Macau reserves the right to amend the above fees. Please refer to Registry website for updates.

Residential College Cost

2022/2023 academic year Remarks
MOP16,070 Based on 10 months; room type is double occupancy. Please visit to Residential College website for details of RC Boarding Fee.