Scholarship for admission

Candidates with current year’s HKDSE result at 23 points or above in best five subjects, inclusive of Chinese, English and Mathematics subjects at level 5 or above, are eligible for scholarship on a competitive basis. Scholarship selection is made based on candidates’ HKDSE results. All eligible candidates must be holding Hong Kong SAR permanent identity card. Candidates do not need to submit applications for this scholarship and individual scholarship recipients will be notified by phone first.

The scholarship will include waiver of tuition fee and Residential College fee for first year of study. Scholarship recipients who have fulfilled the yearly GPA 3.3 or above and Residential College requirement can enjoy scholarship continuation during second to fourth year of studies. The maximum scholarship duration is 4 years.

Other types of scholarships

Students may apply for or be awarded other types of scholarships, which are provided by individual or entrepreneurial donors, based on their academic performance at the University. More information of scholarships can be found at Student Affairs Office.