• Applicants’ identity is subject to the personal identification document held. Applicants must hold below valid personal identification documents during the whole application and admission process:
Identity Category Personal Identification Document
Macao Student a valid Macao I.D. card
Hong Kong Student a valid Hong Kong I.D. card (applicants who apply with a non-permanent Hong Kong I.D. card due to the student visa purpose for entry are not regarded as a Hong Kong student)
Taiwan Student a valid Taiwan passport
Mainland China Student a valid Mainland China I.D. card
International Student a valid foreign passport
  • Where applicants hold more than one identification document, they can only use one throughout the whole admission process (i.e. application till registration). For instance, if an applicant holds both Macao and Hong Kong identity cards, he/she can only choose to use his/her Macao I.D. card or Hong Kong I.D. card for admission .
  • Applicants holding a non-permanent Macao I.D. card, a non-permanent Hong Kong I.D. card, or  identification from other regions or countries should take responsibility that their identification documents held must comply with the Law of Macao to apply for “Special Authorization to Stay” for study purpose in Macao. For details, please refer to the Immigration Department of Macao Public Security Police Force’s website.
  • University reserves the right to reject admission of students who hold expired or invalid personal identification documents. Students will be responsible for any consequences that might incur should they fail to legally stay and study in Macao due to their personal identification reason.